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[ CLOSE ]Updates to the V-8 Forum - 03-26-2019

Multiple photos can now be loaded - and double postings have been corrected

March 26, 2019

The web hosting company, BigGiantMedia, has been working hard to make changes and improvements to the Early Ford V-8 Club web site V-8 Forum. One of those changes has been to address the need to post more than one photo per discussion entry. 
We would like to announce that this has been addressed and registered members can now post up to five photos with each V-8 Forum discussion entry. 
Please note, so that all photo entries are of the same size and format, once you attach the photos to your discussion, it will take some time for the system to re-size and format the photos. 
Let us know if you have any problems. We hope that you are pleased with the results. 

And.........we believe we have corrected the double posting issue. This was where a entry was submitted, and then showed on the same discussion more than once.
Again, if it happens we would like to know.


Regional Groups set to celebrate!

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